Top 5 Resources for the Modern Smoker

top 5 resources

As with anything in this modern information era, there are more resources on smoking now than ever. If you’ve been searching for the top smoker blogs, strain encyclopedias, and legal resources, look no further. Here is a definitive list of the five resources that every modern smoker should be aware of, both fun and educational.


There are plenty of dry herb strain encyclopedias out there, but none of the newcomers have been able to usurp the number one strain resource spot from Leafly. The site has over 2,500 wiki entries available charting everything from the strains’ heritages (its “parent” strains), to their flavor profiles, to their effects (both good and bad). The site pulls information from its self-reporting reviewers, who create the bulk of the site’s content and the basis for information like where a strain is particularly popular. Users also submit photos so you can compare your dry herb to that of others (or show off what you’ve got). When it comes to user data-driven content, Leafly is at the top of the game.

The site also uses its (admittedly occasionally sparse) dispensary index to help connect you with nearby retailers of specific strains, so if you settle on something you are interested in trying during your research you can pretty easily run out and get some. It’s a big accessibility resource and saves you time having to call around or go to individual dispensary websites to see menus. Writing reviews on the site can also help you keep track of your experiences with each strain, a good alternative to a personal strain diary.

MJ Business Daily

When it comes to a site that looks at the smoking industry seriously from a business perspective, MJ Business Daily is it. It’s probably the most consistent and comprehensive place to find breaking news on smoker’s rights across the world as well as legal and business moves within the industry itself. They organize news by state and offer an international edition, all which is useful for quickly finding information relevant to where you live whether that’s in or outside of the United States. In addition to daily online news the site also publishes a digital and print magazine with longer articles and profiles.

MJ Biz Daily conducts regular industry surveys and makes their research available to the public, with investigations into everything from MMJ import demand in Germany to support for U.S. legalization initiatives. Weekly investment highlights are also available for those interested in investing in the sector.

The site also has a hidden gem of a business directory available, listing people working in every aspect of the industry from accountants, to edibles manufacturers, to real estate services, to testing labs and software producers. There is hands down no better resource for professionals in the industry or for people who are interested in simply learning about the nuts and bolts of a growing business sector.

NORML State Law Map

State herb laws seem to change every few months, and if you’re looking for a solid resource on the most up-to-date restrictions in every part of the United States, look to NORML’s state law map. With tables clearly laying out state-by-state smoker offenses, penalties, and fines/minimum sentences as well as language pulled directly from state laws with citations, NORML provides the most comprehensive collection of legality information for each state across the country. It’s a good way to be made totally aware of the rule of law around you—knowledge is power, and there’s no reason to be caught unaware in a place where there are restrictions on smoking.

High Times

If you’re looking for a casual, fun resource for keeping up with smoker news check out the original herb resource, High Times. It’s a behemoth of a site that has grown from a magazine into a hybrid of news site, legal directory, classifieds section, education program, strain directory, grower’s resource, and even miniature video media network including smoker streams. Yes, they basically run their own little smoker-friendly YouTube.

There are also plenty of how-to guides for smokers on the site, which can be a boon for beginners while also keeping pros busy for hours learning new ways of rolling and blowing smoke tricks.

Sensi Seeds Blog

Seeds aren’t a very frequently covered part of the industry, and growers might find this part of Sensi Seeds’ coverage particularly interesting (it’s certainly what differentiates them from every other MJ blog).

If you don’t care about what goes on underground, don’t worry—there’s plenty of other content available on here too. With recipes, global industry news, event coverage, interviews, and science reporting, you might be surprised to find that you’re looking at a seed distributor’s blog when you fall down the hole of perusing the Sensi Seeds blog.