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Smoking accessories that power your sesh.
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These best selling online headshop products are popular for good reason. Each pipe, vape, or accessory offers it's own balance of quality, price, design, function, and customer reviews.
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Bongs and Water Pipes

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A bong is the piece de resistance to any smokers arsenal. Bold and beautiful with perfect curves, your bong is sure to please you night after night. Whether you...
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Bubblers are the best smoking apparatus in my opinion. Like most goats I personally hate committment, and that's what's so awesome about a bubbler!! You get the portability and compactness...
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Chillums, bats, dugouts, tasters, whatever the **** you call 'em, are the perfect on-the-go piece for the discreet smoker. None of the attention grabby ugly two handed bowl...
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Snag a killer deal on pieces in our clearance section! There's absolutely nothing wrong with these items, we just like to clear room for new items from time to...
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Dab Rigs

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Dab Rigs are the most popular method of vaporizing essential oils and concentrates. Combined with a nail and heating element, you're ready to start enjoying your favorite flavor....
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No smoke and mirrors here, just smoke. That's right, this stuff is all FREE. For you. And your friends. And your pets if they get down too. Grab...
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Glass Pipes

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Your glass pipe isn't just a practical tool, it's a friend. I always say you should keep a bubbler by your bedside for good luck... there's a funny...
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In the wise words of J.Cole, "Grind it up. Grind it up. Grind it up. Grind it up." - or something like that. Anyway The Goat has all the nug mulching grinder...
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Sherlock Pipes

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Get your trench coat, magnifying glass, and one of these beautiful sherlock glass pipes for your next detective themed adventure. Or just hit these awesome pipes on your...
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